On-line Data Submission 2017

In International Coastal Cleanup, trash data collection is important because it will help governments, manufacturing industries, businesses and individuals in making smart solutions to the marine debris problem. Thus, everyone is encouraged to submit their data by email at: or On-line at:

A Message of Gratitude -2017 ICC

Dear ICC Coordinators, Volunteers, Sponsors and Friends,

In behalf of the Ocean Conservancy, we would like to thank our dedicated partners from the government, academe, NGOs, corporations and private sectors; our energetic Coordinators and amazing volunteers for sharing your time, effort and resources to make the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup a success. Special thanks to our generous Sponsors and friends for your unwavering support to sustain the fight against marine debris.
No pair of hands can do it alone, but by working together, we take significant steps forward in understanding and preventing ocean trash - for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.
Thank you!
GERONIMO P. REYES ICC National Coordinator

Join the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup

The global celebration of the 32nd International Coastal Cleanup Day is on September 16, 2017, Saturday with the theme: “Together for our Ocean”. Come and be part of the solution for our ocean's health. Bring your gloves, sacks or net bags and your Ocean Trash Data Form. No registration fees. Registration will be from 6 - 7 AM. Cleanup proper will be from 7:30 AM to 11AM. Click here to signup for the cleanup!
Contact: ICC Philippines at
Mobile Nos.: +63917.372.87.02;   +63915.898.17.31 / +63921- 711-1191

Philippines to celebrate the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup on September 16

The Philippines will join the annual global celebration of International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 16, 2017, Saturday with the theme, “Together for our Ocean”. Now on its 32nd year, Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), in partnership with volunteer organizations and individuals around the world will mobilize people to remove trash from beaches, coasts and waterways. Aside from picking up trash, volunteers will be tasked to record information fundamental to governments, manufacturing industries and businesses in developing smart solutions to the marine debris problem.

The Philippines cancelled its coastal cleanup day activities last September 17, 2016 nationwide due to the declaration by the national government on state of lawlessness. Ocean Conservancy agreed on the cancellation of the ICC Day for the safety of the volunteers. This year, we are preparing for this important “largest single day cleanup in the globe”. Around 300,000 volunteers from 48 provinces …

Over 500,000 volunteers mobilized during the 2016 International Cleanup Day

According to the Ocean Conservancy’s 2016 International Coastal Cleanup Report released last June 5th – World Environment Day, over 504,583 volunteers in 112 countries came together to pick up trash found along beaches and coasts in honor of the International Coastal Cleanup. We picked up 3,346,055 kilograms of trash, a total global weight more than the combined weight of 700 African elephants, 400 giraffes, 500 hippos, 600 white rhinos, 200 zebras and 100 lions.  We covered 24,136 kilometers of coastlines enough to walk around the moon twice.
Ocean Conservancy’s Ocean Trash Index is the world's largest item-by-item, location-by-location database of trash found in near-shore environments. Last year, we’ve collected enough balloons to lift a 2,200 lb. walrus and enough fishing line to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench – the ocean’s deepest point – nine times over. Some of the more unusual items found in the September 2016 Cleanup include: 56 toilet units, 9 microwaves, 4 dron…

International Coastal Cleanup Advisory on Cancellation of Sept. 17 ICC Day

In light of the recent bombing in Davao City, the proclamation by the President of a state of national emergency and government intelligence reports as to the existence of threats of further acts of violence, the PCGA and the ICC-Philippines, being the designated co-coordinators of the International Coastal Cleanup in the Philippines, have decided to cancel all activities, preparations and plans in the celebration of this year’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day on Saturday, 17 September 2016 in all parts of the country.
Given the public nature of the ICC Day, several interested groups may take advantage of these nationwide gatherings to sow terror in order to gain international media mileage in the process. 
Certainly, the PCGA and the ICC-Philippines recognize that preparations, logistics and publicity requirements are already in place at this time. However, as the safety and security of the participants are pa…

Join the 31st International Coastal Cleanup on September 17, 2016

Everyone is invited to join the 31st International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) this SEPTEMBER 17, 2016, Saturday. You may signup or register at our website or send us an email at: No registration fees. Visit the website for available cleanup sites, orientation materials, ICC materials and guidelines for ICC Day.