Coastal Cleanup Advisory for October 6

Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup Day marks the day when people from all walks of life will head to beaches, waterways and underwater areas to help collect floating and submerged trash/debris that threatens ecosystems. They will also gather information on the debris collected into an ICC data card.

The following cleanup advisory and reminders must be considered to have a safe and meaningful ICC:

  • In the event of adverse weather conditions as forecasted by PAGASA a day before the ICC, the cleanup activity will be cancelled.  The following Saturday or the next weekend, if weather condition is favorable, the cleanup may be conducted in the same designated cleanup site. 
  • Check the tide table in your area and Lunar phases . It is best to schedule cleanups during low tide and on the First and Last Quarter Moon.

The tidal predictions for October 6, 2012 for Manila, Cavite and Batangas are as follows:

Manila Bay/ Cavite:
Time/ Ht.
0:45 h high tide ( 1.1 m )
9:15 h low tide ( 0.1 m )

Batangas Bay:
Time/ Ht.
0:45 h high tide ( 1.2 m )
9:20 h low tide ( 0.1 m )

  • For group volunteers, group leader should submit the list of your members by email at before ICC Day and a copy at the registration area on ICC Day
  • Individual and group volunteers can signup at our website
  • Know more about ICC at our website, i.e. how to organize a cleanup, pre and post ICC activities, how to fill-up the datacard, how to make estimations, , etc.
  • Please come in proper attire:  long pants, closed shoes (preferably rubber shoes and rain boots), hat, cap or bandana and rubber gloves. Rain boots is a must for all Baseco cleanup volunteers
  • Volunteers must take health and safety precautions during cleanup activities
  • Make sure young volunteers are very well accounted for and safe
Cleanup Materials:


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