Filipinos to celebrate 30th International Coastal Cleanup on September 19, 2015

The ever-increasing ocean trash – plastic waste in particular – has produced nothing less than a global crisis for ocean waters, marine wildlife and habitat, human health and safety, wasted resources and lost revenues for many nations. Fortunately, this is one environmental issue that can be addressed by tackling trash at the source before it has a chance to reach the water and by changing the behaviors that allow trash into the water in the first place.

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) provides the opportunity to make a difference in a global movement by getting rid of trash/debris from our shorelines, rivers, lakes and waterways; raising environmental awareness; and providing information which will guide and influence governments, corporations and industries in developing smart solutions to the marine debris problem.

ICC is the largest volunteer-based initiative of the Ocean Conservancy, a non government organization based in Washington, D.C., USA. Last year, about 562,000 volunteers from 91 countries and locations have participated in the Cleanup. In the Philippines alone, there were 107,695 volunteers, removing 208, 438 kilos of trash in 335 kilometers of shorelines and waterways.

The 30th International Coastal Cleanup Day will be celebrated this coming September 19, 2015, Saturday.  Everyone is encourage to join this environmental event.

Visit our website for details and register at the Signup-to-Cleanup.

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