International Coastal Cleanup Advisory on Cancellation of Sept. 17 ICC Day


In light of the recent bombing in Davao City, the proclamation by the President of a state of national emergency and government intelligence reports as to the existence of threats of further acts of violence, the PCGA and the ICC-Philippines, being the designated co-coordinators of the International Coastal Cleanup in the Philippines, have decided to cancel all activities, preparations and plans in the celebration of this year’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day on Saturday, 17 September 2016 in all parts of the country.

Given the public nature of the ICC Day, several interested groups may take advantage of these nationwide gatherings to sow terror in order to gain international media mileage in the process. 

Certainly, the PCGA and the ICC-Philippines recognize that preparations, logistics and publicity requirements are already in place at this time. However, as the safety and security of the participants are paramount and must never be compromised, the PCGA and the ICC-Philippines had to make a very difficult decision to cancel the activities of the ICC Day for this year only. 

The PCGA and the ICC-Philippines wish to thank all participants, guests, organizers and coordinators from the government and private sector for your cooperation. Rest assured that when the security condition in our country stabilizes, we will spearhead another nationwide campaign to clean our coastal areas. 

Again, thank you for your valuable contribution and we sincerely request for your kind understanding.


ICC National Coordinator


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  2. Your cause has greatly appreciated. May I just ask, do this logistics company found in the Philippines involved in this movement?


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